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We offer a wide range of solutions tailored to our clients’ needs, ranging from Land Sales, Houses and Smart Homes Sales, real estate investment, to real estate consultancy. Regardless of what you want, rest assured that we’ll be delighted to discuss your needs and proffer the best solutions.

Professional Consultation Services

With years of experience under our belt, our professional team of consultants offer excellent ideas on various areas of real estate to the satisfaction of our clients.

Real Estate Business Connection (B2B and B2C)

We specialize in setting up real estate companies, connecting the best real estate investors or companies and our clients to the industry’s best investment transactions

Real Estate
Land Sales in Nigeria

Finding stress-free land in a good location is often a nightmare to real estate investors especially Nigerians in the diaspora. The few available good ones come at exorbitant prices while the seemingly cheap lands for sale ones have tens of hidden charges.

Check in to explore our available land for sale at different locations in Nigeria. At Real Estate PPT, our primary responsibility as real estate marketers is to ease your burden regarding buying and selling land in Nigeria.

Houses for Sale in Nigeria

Buying Nigerian homes is a good step in the right direction, whether you are keeping them for your family use or using it as a means of diversifying your portfolio.

We handle every step involved in becoming a homeowner in Nigeria. Whether you need houses for sale in Lekki or you want to buy a house in Ibadan, you can rest assured of getting your desired products that give value for your money. Our primary goal for home sales is to make you feel at home investing in Nigeria.

Real Estate
High-Yield Investment

Is real estate investment worth it? Particularly when dealing with Nigerian properties? The answer is yes! With the right real estate professional to navigate the path and give you a smooth landing.

We guarantee that you can double or even triple your real estate investment within a short time. Real Estate PPT provides personalised, professional, and independent services that help our clients know more about investing in real estate products in Nigeria.


Are you struggling to find a competent and trustworthy real estate agent to handle your home property investment projects? Have you been a victim of crook realtors that only cares about their pocket? We know how tarnished Nigerian realtors’ images are, we have been there, and we know how it feels. That’s why we take it upon ourselves to render real estate consultancy to everyone interested in buying and investing in Nigerian properties. With years of experience under our belt, our professional team of consultants offers excellent

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