Frequently asked questions about real estate in Nigeria


We cover some of the itching questions many of our clients and prospective buyers have about our company and real estate in Nigeria in general.

Yes, a foreigner can buy a private property in Nigeria. But buying property in Nigeria as a foreigner is subjected to certain restrictions mentioned under Acquisition of Lands by Alien Laws known as ALAL. These laws guiding the foreign ownership of properties are authorized by different state governments in Nigeria.

Find any property for sale in Nigeria by visiting various real estate agent or consultant platforms and go through Nigeria’s largest property database to get the best property. Likewise, searching through the online database permits you to filter and inquire about properties available for sale in every state based on certain specifications

House for sale in Lagos is one of the easiest and perfect places in Nigeria to buy property. Moreover, having a property in Lagos or finding a house for sale in Abuja can yield more returns of investment due to the rapid and continuous economic development of both states

Yes, some of the Nigerian houses for sale are expensive based on the location, most especially Lagos which is known as the commercial center of Nigeria. The cost of land or houses rises as more local and foreign investors develop more factories, hotels, entertainment centers, restaurants, and more

Yes, buying land in Nigeria is an excellent investment. The location where you buy land in Nigeria can determine whether your return on investments will rise by a small or large margin. Some of the land for sale that yield higher return rates are found in Lagos, Abuja, Ibadan

To identify a reputable Nigerian real estate company, you need to be aware that a good company is not concerned about commission and sales alone, but also provides excellent advisory services. They are concerned about the clients satisfaction and provide several options to choose from based on their budget

The following steps are taken in buying a Nigerian property or properties for sale in Nigeria:

* Decide on the budget and location

* Investigate the property

* Investigate the seller and verify the original owner

* Negotiate and gather the right documentation

* File the documentation of the property and hire an estate service professional


To know which real estate investment company depends on your investment goal. If your goals are to sell, rent, develop or buy properties in Lagos or any other state, you need to search for real estate companies in Lagos that offer the specific services which coincide with your needs

A real estate consultant is a professional who specializes in assisting sellers and buyers make crucial decisions about their real estate deals. For instance, top real estate agents in Lagos can help carry out a monetary analysis for a particular property

The net operating income known as NOI of a property can determine if a commercial land for sale is a good investment. The NOI is the value that remains after the operating expenses are removed from the revenue. Therefore, a property with a high NOI is an excellent investment


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Frequently asked and related questions for real estate properties in Nigeria - Real Estate PPT

We work and partner with the best and verified real estate companies in Nigeria with reliable and affordable real estate solutions that give you the needed access to secure landed properties and luxurious homes.

We don’t just place or market any real estate in Nigeria that will not appreciate in value within a few months, we also target the locations and properties that will give you a high return after buying or investing

We are a real estate company that prioritizes a smooth connection between Nigeria real estate buyers, sellers and investors irrespective of their locations around the world. We bridge the gaps and remove their fear of getting scammed buying properties in Nigeria

We give you peace of mind and do the errands of research, inspection, allocation and documentation for you while you pay directly to the partnered Nigeria real estate company’s account. We will also give you post-buying support to ensure you achieve the end goal of buying Nigerian properties

We ensure you transact directly with the partnered company you are buying your property in Nigeria from. This is to ensure absolute transparency and as well ease you from the burden of unnecessary charges incurred by real estate agents

Yes! We have legal backup that oversees and documents your transactions with our partnered top real estate companies. We also perform swift action on your behalf if any issue arises from the property you buy or sell. We carry out our due research before we partner with any real estate company in Nigeria to identify and eliminate stress that arise from investing in or buying real estate in Nigeria

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