Consider these 5 important Things before you Start A Building Construction Project

Have you ever bothered why some buildings collapse suddenly without any noticeable physical deformities? How bad would you feel if a building collapses? This is a major concern from real estate developers and properties investor.


Real estate developers’ popular saying says that loss of lives, properties, and money, and wasted efforts are all the life-threatening products of a collapsed building. However, such disheartening occurrences should be eliminated in society.


Before showing you the five things you should consider before building construction, I would like to use the collapsed storey building in Ikoyi Nigeria as a case study. 


The occurrence has shifted real estate developers in Nigeria to sudden action to ensure the sad story does not repeat itself.


Early the first week in November 2021, a 21-story ongoing building project in the Ikoyi area of Lagos State Nigeria, leaving many people dead and an unknown number of people trapped in the collapsed building.


The Punch reported on Monday 1st of November 2021 that no more than ten persons lost their lives when a 21-storey building collapsed in Ikoyi Lagos Nigeria.


Many people were still stuck in the collapsed building rubble when filling this report. Among the known people trapped are Mr. Femi Osibona, the Fourscore Heights Ltd Managing Director, among other people.


The tragedy brings sorrow to many homes and families as they never expected it to happen soon, as many blame real estate developers in Nigeria.


Allow me to share this information with you.

The problem did not arise overnight, and it was not entirely the responsibility of the region’s real estate developers. It has been surfacing unintentionally since the beginning of the construction operation.


The building’s base could not support a 21-story structure, but they continued with the development, which resulted in catastrophic damage and fatalities following the collapse. This should serve as a wake-up call to Nigerian real estate developers.


Get these facts right  before any construction project – Advised by Real Estate Developer

Professional real estate developers witness that a structure can be built out of mud and wattle, with a grass roof, bricks, blocks, concrete, and a variety of other materials. If you invest more money in the project, the structure will last longer.


Many people are unclear of what to do or who to approach for assistance when establishing a structure because some so-called real estate developers in Nigeria are incompetent.


According to a real estate developer, the construction industry is made up of many yet interconnected disciplines that employ people who specialize in building construction.


The experience of construction specialists and real estate developers should be crucial to accomplish a wholesome and quality building project that will stand the test of time under normal circumstances. The following are examples of professionals; however, they are not exhaustive:


The architect and the design team – Real Estate Developer

A group of persons or a person who formed an architectural firm can make up the design team or real estate developers. After the proprietor of the architectural firm has planned the building, the firm may hire other architects and specialists to complete the real drawing. The architect is frequently in charge of the design team.


Before creating the plan, the first line of real estate developers, an architect, must visit the site to inspect the land on which the building will be constructed.


Architects create architectural drawings that comprise multiple floor plans, building sections, elevations, and a block plan that illustrates how the structure will be placed on the site.


The architect also offers site layout plans that show how the plots relate to one another. “These construction project proposals are then presented for approval to the government at the ministry.” When the blueprints are filed, the client must pay a fee, which must be based on the area the building will occupy. The charge is also determined by the number of floors in the structure.


As reliable members of real estate developers, structural engineers should be used for any structure that rises above ground level. However, it is best to get their advice on all types of structures being constructed. A registered engineer must create and check the structural drawings before the commencement of the project.


The architect must go to the job site to monitor the project’s progress and address any issues that may occur. A registered architect must prepare or examine all plans submitted for approval.


The structural engineer – Real Estate Developer

The structural engineer ensures that the structure of the building is sound and meets the goal of the real estate developers. The structural engineer professionally calculates the weight of the construction materials and the load people and equipment that the building will hold. It also determines the maximum wind pressure that can be applied to it.


A structural engineer can use this information to create structural drawings and calculations, then present them to the government for approval.


The quantity surveyor – Real Estate Developer

The quantity surveyor tells the cost to construct a building. There are various methods used to achieve this, as concluded and agreed by the real estate developers based on the sizes and volumes of the building to be put up. A quantity surveyor can also estimate the quantities of the materials one would need to carry out the work and what it would cost you in terms of labour.


Building Contractor – Real Estate Developer

According to the designs, and other construction papers vetted by the real estate developers, the building contractor signs a contract with a client before executing the construction project. Engineers, surveyors, builders, painters, and potters collaborate with contractors.


In many cases, especially for private persons, the customer will hire a contractor to guide the building’s structural and cost analyses after approved plans.


Some of these one-person contractors are skilled and experienced in their fields. Newbies should not be offered contracts if they lack the necessary expertise and skills to complete the projects successfully.


Building industry regulators – Real Estate Developer

The government authority comprises professionals among who real estate developers are included, such as engineers, architects, and others who play a crucial role in overseeing construction projects and approving these plans to safeguard the public and workers from harmful and low-quality construction methods. Only once the plans have been approved can the building be built.


The government also employs building inspectors, including real estate developers, who should assess the building as it is being built to ensure that it is created according to the plans.


Building regulators include planners who approve the building’s overall design and location. They ensure that the structure fits into the surrounding region and that it will be easily accessible. They also have a say in how an area develops.


Before starting a construction job, you should always obtain professional counsel.


Real estate developers advise five Things you should consider before you start a building construction project

  1. Building projects should be taken very seriously right from the beginning to get the house of our taste.
  2. Buy quality land that is not waterlogged, free of any form of issues, and has the capability to hold any structure you put on it.
  3. Get a professional surveyor and building plan approval from the government
  4. Hire a professional project contractor that will give you quality structure.
  5. Carry out the quality building evaluation before the commencement of the project.


Do not just build a house, be concerned with the security of lives and properties and many other factors, and carry out all necessary things to be done before and after the construction project by the real estate developers.