15 Important Things You Can Control in a Smart Home from Your Smartphone

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Do you know you can control everything in your home with your phone from anywhere you are in the world? Are you away from home, but you want to monitor and control all activities in your house with ease? Are you living in the United Kingdom, the United States, or the United Arab Emirates looking for smart homes for sale in Nigeria?

This article will guild you through the basics you need to know about smart home technology.



Since technology peaked in the late 1990s and early 2000s, it has made its entry into almost all aspects of our lives, making life easier, faster, and more seamless. In Nigeria, there are now automated homes, cars among other things. As depicted in Hollywood movies from decades ago, smart homes ppt are fast becoming a reality for us. Using our cell phones, we can be connected with nearly anything in our homes.



What are smart homes?


Automated homes are mostly referred to as apartments that use the internet to remotely monitor and manage sound systems and appliances remotely, such as TVs, air conditioning, lighting, heating, cameras, and security systems. This device communicates with one another and can be easily controlled by smart homes owners with a cell phone from any location. This technology has lingered for a long time and has gained popularity among traders and industry experts. With this technology, property owners now have the protection and comfort they desire while conserving energy and resources in their homes.




Why You Should Buy Smart Homes


Anyone interested in living more sustainably with adequate security provided should consider purchasing one of the smart homes for sale in Nigeria. Outlined below are a few reasons why everyone should consider owning a smart home.



Energy management

With smart home technology, your homes can be more sustainable. This technology will help reduce energy waste significantly. Owning a smart home can save you up to 15% on your monthly electricity bill.



Conservation of earth’s resources

Smart home in Nigeria comes with many necessary characteristics. One of the most well-known characteristics of a smart home is that it considerably conserves earth’s scarce resources.




In addition, one of the primary benefits of owning a smart home is interconnectivity. The interactivity and connectivity derived by smart homes owners from this technology are assisting families in managing their homes and lifestyles effortlessly.



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Various industries worldwide are currently adopting smart home technology; with the ongoing awareness of this technology, there are predictions that there will be a major positive shift in demand for smart homes in the future. 


You can control various things with your smartphone in your smart home, and I will take you through 15 of them in this article.




Do you worry about the security state of your property while you are away for work or on vacation? With smart home solution, you don’t have to worry anymore. As a property owner, you can now monitor and control access to your home even while you are away with your smartphone. This technology also enables individual smart homeowners to grant friends and family access to their smart home, watch video clips of what happens in their homes while away, and receive immediate notification of any foul play from any location in your smart home in Nigeria.



Motion-activation security cameras

We now have surveillance cameras powered by automated technology. This device is controlled by motion and can turn on and off. With this smart home technology, smart homeowners can access live videos of their homes, modify security settings and receive quick notifications all on their smartphones.




Thanks to smart home solutions, temperature control and monitoring are now easier than ever. This technology grants you the freedom to turn the temperature off while away and turn it on just before you arrive home. With this technology active in our smart homes ppt, you can now save energy.



Pet feeder

Smart home technology has simplified the possibility for busy pet lovers to track and manage their pets’ feed intake with a camera and food dispenser using their smartphones. This innovative technology has made it easy for pet lovers to feed and regulate food intake far away from home.



Light control

With automated technology, you may control all the light bulbs in your smart home in Nigeria all at once from your smartphone. You can alter the color, brightness, dimness of your light as well as turn them off.



Hot tub control

Monitoring and controlling utilities around our homes have never been easier. With smart home technology, you may monitor and regulate your hot tub with your smartphone. There are Bluetooth devices you can use to control the jets, regulate the temperature and listen to music.



Control air conditions

From our smartphones we can now easily control the air conditions in our smart home ppt. This automated technology has made it possible to turn on/off the air conditions while away and just before you arrive. In addition, it enables smart homeowners to set a seven days timetable.



Control Tesla power walls

With your smartphone, you can regulate your active Tesla power walls. Push LG from the batteries to the house and make other adjustments to suit your preference.


Switch on the water slide

Automated technology has made it easy to regulate and use the water slide in our smart home in Nigeria. With a simple application on your device, you can turn on the water slide in your smart home ppt in less than 8 minutes.



Play Piano

Do you know that you can play music on your piano without any physical engagement? Thanks to smart home technology. With this technology, we control the keys on the piano without engaging physically with it.



Control smart keys

Smart keys are fast becoming popular in our society today. If you are big on security, you should consider owning a smart home and using smart home ppt utilities such as smart key, as this will enable you to control and monitor your property from anywhere in the world. With smart keys, you don’t have to carry many keys around. Also, manufacturing carbon copy is impossible, isn’t that great news?


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Control the washer and dryer

The introduction of Smart homes ppt technology into laundry has impacted the lives of everyone around the world. With a simple smartphone, you may now keep track of the cycle, state, and time taken to complete your laundry while attending to other activities in your smart home. Also, you can lengthen the drying cycle, track your detergent usage in the tank, and receive reminders as soon as the process is over.



Open the garage

Using your smart device, you can open the garage in your smart home. Isn’t this amazing?



Remote start your car

Automated technology has made it possible to control several elements in our cars using our smartphones. You can control the horn, stereo, heater, amongst others, from your smart home in Nigeria using your smartphone.



Control shower tap

With smart home technology, you control the shower faucet in the bathroom and bathroom mirrors and manage any TVs in the smart home.





Owing a smart home has proven to be one of the best decisions any individual can make as it can enable you to save time, money, energy, and lots more. Many smart homes are for sale in Nigeria with very affordable and excellent payment plans.


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