How I paid a secondary student N120,000 for sharing my posts

Earn with real estate properties

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Earn with real estate properties

John Adekunle is an SS2 student of a public secondary school in Ibadan that shared my post and earn with real estate properties with no intention of getting paid for it at the initial stage.
John shared some properties I posted for sale on Facebook and one of his brother’s friends in the UK asked him for more details about the property. He gave my contact to the person and we connected on WhatsApp where I shared more details, photos, and videos about the property with him.

He sent one of his relatives in Nigeria to inspect the property on his behalf the following day. I took them to the property and they sincerely loved it and gave feedback to the person abroad that wanted to buy the property.

To cut a long story, the client paid for the property and took ownership of it immediately after we have signed the necessary agreements and sent the original copy to him.

I asked John to send his bank account number but he doesn’t have an account yet because he’s still a teenager. Then, I requested his parent’s account number and he sent his mom’s bank account details to me.

I credited his mom’s bank account with ₦ 120,000 in less than 20 minutes and I sent the payment proof to him for confirmation. Joy sprung in their family and was very grateful.

His dad called me to ask why I sent that much to a secondary school student and I explained to him how a client bought a property through my posts he shared on Facebook that made John earn with real estate properties.

They were very excited as the money came at the right time to meet their pressing needs and the financial challenges they had been facing due to Nigeria’s cashless policy.

Guess what happened next?
The entire family, father, mother, sisters, and brothers began sharing my properties’ posts on social media to stand a chance to win the commission.

You don’t need to be a real estate agent before you earn a commission from us. All you need to do is to share our posts on social media and groups to enable us to get someone who can buy the property while you get paid in return.

This is an opportunity to earn with real estate properties while you focus on some other things you may be doing just like John Adekunle.

1. Follow our social media pages depending on the platform you are conversant about sharing posts on.





2. Share the posts of our properties for sale to your social media and groups.
3. Direct anyone who’s interested in buying the property to us through this number 08064829848.
4. Follow up and ask questions to know when the client makes the payment for the property.
5. Send your bank account details to this number 08064829848 and get paid.

• Every sale earns you a commission.
• The higher the price of the property, the higher you get paid.
• All transactions are processed online to support the cashless policy
• No age restriction.
• Distance is not a barrier.
• No race, social, religion or ethnic barrier.

Visit our website:
Send us an email: in**@re***********.com
Call or Whatsapp: +2348064829848

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