10 Effective Solutions to Beat Unemployment as a Nigerian

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Statistics show that Nigeria’s unemployment rate significantly increased to above 30% in 2020 as many planned solutions to unemployment do not significantly reduce the percentage. Following the trend in which unemployment in Nigeria rises year after year, there is the probability that the unemployment rate would increase above 35% in 2025.

How do you as a Nigerian find your way out and beat unemployement?  

unemployment statistics

Unemployment in Nigeria brings depression and many people have committed suicide due to it. Depression and anxiety can result from unemployment.

There are ten (10) of the best techniques and solutions to unemployment we have stated to overcome depression as a result. Each strategy brings a unique set of advantages you might utilize to overcome unemployment.

  1. Improve Your Skills – Solution to unemployment

Your skills and abilities can be outdated if you haven’t had work for a time, making it difficult for you to find employment. You may keep your skills current and learn about what’s new by enrolling in a variety of short courses in your area. Because you may complete distance learning courses while looking for work, they are ideal. You also have the choice of accredited or provider programs, so that’s not all.


  1. Turn your interests into opportunities – Solution to unemployment

Is there anything you excel in or simply like doing in your spare time? Why not make it your profession? Turning interests and hobbies into things like playing with children, painting nails, and taking pictures into careers is possible. They are even capable of becoming businesses.


  1. Do Volunteering job – Solution to unemployment

You might not be getting comments since you don’t have enough experience. You can obtain the necessary experience and the chance to learn new skills through volunteering. However, volunteering is also a fantastic method to begin networking and creating contacts in your industry.


  1. Do Research to know more – Solution to unemployment

When applying for jobs, sending your CV alone is insufficient. You should research the company for which you are applying. You can use this information to customize your CV for the particular employer and job. Your resume should provide the best possible first impression.


  1. Update Your Resume/CV – Solution to unemployment

Your best job-hunting tool is your resume. It will be quite beneficial to have it updated. Make careful to regularly update your skills. Another helpful suggestion is to make sure your CV is formatted correctly for the position you’re looking for.

  1. Improve Your Network – Solution to unemployment

You can get your foot in the right path by mingling with people in your business. Now more than ever, joining networking groups is simple. You can search for groups on social media sites like Facebook and proceed from there.


  1. Apply through Job Agencies – Solution to unemployment

Job agencies support your job search. This implies that they find work for you rather than you doing it. Some of the stress is reduced by the agency. Another advantage is that certain firms will assist you with creating your resume and cover letter.


  1. Evaluate Your Approach – Solution to unemployment

It can be demoralizing to apply for jobs day after day and receive no response. However, the issue can lie with your skill set, cover letter, or résumé. Spend some time reviewing your credentials and abilities. Consistently updating your resume and cover letter is an excellent idea.


  1. Attend Seminars and Job Fairs – Solution to unemployment

Job fairs are a terrific place to meet people, network, and have coffee with recruiters. This allows you to interact with prospective workers in a comfortable setting before the interview.


  1. Learn Real Estate Marketing – Solution to unemployment

Real Estate marketing has made many jobless people reliable financially. It gives you the opportunity to market and sell land, house, and properties and get a commission. Depending on the price and commission percentage, you can get a commission of more than 15% on a product, which could amount to thousands or millions of Naira.


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