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The real estate industry has maintained its long-standing high-profit generation since time immemorial, and the value of real estate products continues to appreciate regardless of the economic instability experienced in our world today. 

In Nigeria, the real estate industry has grown so much in the past 5-10 years and so much growth is anticipated in the years to come. Purchasing a real estate product in Nigeria can be a huge hassle. 

However, once there is a good understanding of the industry and environment, you can strategically predict/forecast, or you can deploy the service of a good real estate consultant to help you through the process. With this in place, success becomes inevitable.

Factors to consider
While purchasing real estate products, there are a good number of factors that must be considered. To ensure you choose the right real estate product factors such as location, you must be given serious thought as it is one of the most critical factors.

If you want to purchase a real estate property in Ibadan, this article is for you. This article will discuss the Best 10 locations to purchase real estate products in Ibadan, Nigeria”.

Ibadan, the capital of Oyo State, is one of Nigeria’s largest cities located in the Southwest region. It is also one of the neighbouring states with the largest cities in Africa (Lagos state).

In the past few months, Ibadan has been one of the cities that has experienced a significant spike in population growth. These have begun to open up the city and attract real estate investors and developers in their numbers. Since the recent outbreak of the unprecedented pandemic and the current trend of remote work.

Nigerians who reside in busy cities such as Lagos, Ogun state, and others are now considering relocating to less busy neighbouring states, and many chose Ibadan as their favourite destination.

As a real estate investor looking to take advantage of this opportunity while becoming one of the early property owners in Ibadan, we have listed below the 10 hot locations in Ibadan you need to consider purchasing a land or house or any real estate product of choice.

Best 5 Places You Should Consider Buying Properties In Ibadan
Based on our knowledge and experience as real estate experts in the real estate industry in Nigeria, we have selected the best 5 locations you should consider when buying properties in Ibadan to ease your selection and preference.

1. Akala Expressway
When you’re thinking about a luxurious and decent area to buy land in Ibadan, Akala Expressway is your ideal choice. Akala Expressway connects Oluyole Local Government and Ido Local Government with many other popular areas.

It is taken over from the famous Oluyole Estate in Ibadan as people migrate since the construction of the smooth expressway by the Late Oyo State Governor Adebayo Alao Akala. It’s also an abode of many popular estates such as Ire-Akari Estate, Eleta Estate, among many others. It’s the first area that should come to real estate investors’ and buyers’ minds when it comes to choosing an excellent site for real estate properties.

2. Moniya
Moniya is located in Akinyele local government Ibadan. Moniya happens to be one of the fastest developing communities in Ibadan in terms of commerce and education among others. And it has become an attraction for real estate investors.

It is a very serene environment useful for both residential and business outfits. Moniya can be identified with a lot of landmarks such as the Lagos-Ibadan railway line, the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) 40minutes drive from the University of Ibadan, and lots more.

3. Oluyole Extension
Oluyole is a community located in the heart of Ibadan city. The community is known to be an industrialized environment as it houses a good number of industries located in Ibadan city such as Procter & Gambler, Sumal, Zatech, Animal Care, Obasanjo Farms, and Saro Limited just to mention a few. More so, the industrialized community is fast becoming a place of residence for the rich and wealthy.

4. Elebu
Purchasing real estate products from emerging communities is a hack used by industry experts. Elebu is an emerging community located in Oluyole and Ido Local Government areas of Ibadan. Elebu is a residential environment and a great place where businesses can thrive as well. It has a good road network and other notable social amenities.

5. Ring Road
Have you ever thought of owning a real estate property situated at the center of any large city around you? As a real estate investor purchasing a real estate product situated at the center of any city can never go wrong. It might be pricey but you are certain that you would have a great return on your investment.

Ring Road the center of Ibadan remains one of the fast-growing communities in the southwest local government area of Oyo State. Ring Road can serve both as a residential and a business environment for real estate investors. Ring Road has good road facilities, security outfit amongst others. A good number of business offices such as Federal, State, Supreme Court, and Shoprite, amongst others are located in Ring Road.

Choosing the right location to purchase any real estate product of choice cannot be over-emphasized. As a real estate investor or developer, this decision can either make or mar you.

Experts have advised that real estate investors and developers should properly carry out their research, seek advice from experts in the industry and think long-term while choosing a location for their investment. More so, there will never be a better time to take advantage of an emerging city such as Ibadan than now.

Purchasing real estate products in Ibadan today will set you up for the biggest financial breakthrough in the nearest future seize this opportunity today and secure your future for good.

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